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Integral eco-archetypal image
Integral eco-archetypal image

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Renewing your New Year's intentions!

A Message from fellow USM graduate, Tori Hartman:
January Is the Month of Renewal

Welcome to 2009!

I recently led one of my groups through a renewal evening.
We wrote down our goals and set intentions for 2009. In the midst of this , I stopped and glanced down at MY list. I was bewildered. It was the same list I had written down last year!
I looked up at the eager faces around me. Everyone was happy and pumped up. They appeared ready to run out the door to embark on their new lives.

I just sighed as everyone waited to hear the next step.

Pointing to the fireplace, I said, “We’ve got to burn this stuff – give it up. We already know what our intentions are. C’mon, look at your list. I’m guessing that you’ve written this down before. Like, last year? Are these the same goals you wanted last year?”

Every single person in the group reluctantly agreed.

How about you? Did you write down the same goals as last year?

For 2009, I offer you this question: What if we all renewed who we were and who we’d have to be in order to become our goals?

The idea that we are achieving something outside ourselves is false. We must realize that we must expand ourselves, where the true law of attraction is activated, to be big enough to house our big goals.

Imagine trying to house a tractor-trailer in a tiny garage!
We must expand our housing for bigger goals. Housing = Spirit. We have to be bigger energetically in order to expand and have the capacity to house our goals.

This month, we will renew our “real” selves. And it that idea, we will expand our capacity to attract love.

I created a daily contemplation to get us started. The free renewal meditation this month will begin to stretch you energetically to house your bigger life.

Set a powerful intention to expand and open yourself to spirit. I recommend the Spirit Guides Intention Kit for this. When you stand powerfully in that vast space with spirit, you open your capacity very quickly.

I also have a soft spot for the Open Heart Home Chakra Vortex. It’s simply stunning. If you’re attracted to it, the Open Heart Home Chakra Vortex will be very powerful for you. Hang it in your home or wear it!

Please let me know if you have any questions…
Much love,

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