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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Law of Attraction on Valentine's Day!


There must be a reason why I have resisted Abraham's Teachings on the Law of Attraction as translated by the vibrations received by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
It seemed too easy to accept, even somewhat fluffy, and yet I resisted these teachings for their simplicity. I have been preoccupied by chaos theory or complexity theory, so clearly I have attracted chaos and complexity into my life!

So, perhaps we can just open a little to these teachings and see where they take us.
Here's a taste:

"The Law of Attraction and its magnetic power reaches out into the Universe and attracts other thoughts that are vibrationally like it...and brings that to you: Your attention to subjects, your activation of thoughts, an the Law of Attraction's response to those thoughts is responsible for every person, every event, and every circumstance that comes into your experience. All of these things are brought into your experience through a sort of powerful magnetic funnel as they are vibrational matches to your own thoughts.

You get the essence of what are thinking about, whether it is something you want or something you do not want. That may be unsettling to you at first, but in time, it is our expectation that you will come to appreciate the fairness, the consistency, and the absoluteness of this powerful Law of Attraction. Once you understand this law and begin to pay attention to what you are giving your attention to, you will regain control of your own life experience. And with that control you will again remember that there is nothing that you desire that you cannot achieve, and there is nothing that you do not want that you cannot release from your experience.

Understanding the Law of Attraction and recognizing the absolute correlation between what you have been thinking and feeling - and what is manifesting in your life experience - will cause you to be more aware of the stimulation of your own thoughts. You will begin to notice that your own thoughts may be stimulated from something you read or watch on television or hear or observe from someone else's experience. And once you see the effect that the Law of Attraction has upon these thoughts that begin small and grow larger and more powerful with your attention to them, you will feel a desire within you to begin to direct your thoughts to more of the things that you do want to experience. For whatever you are pondering, and no matter what the source of stimulation of that you ponder that thought, the Law of Attraction goes to work to offer you other thoughts, conversations, and experiences that are of a similar nature." (2006, pp. 32-33).

~ Excerpted from "The Law of Attraction - The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.