Integral eco-archetypal image

Integral eco-archetypal image
Integral eco-archetypal image

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Beloveds: Finding our voice is an all-quadrant-all-lines experience because we work through our personal issues, our relationship with - and in - society, our unique cultural expression, and we make contact with our spiritual source. This psychological principle is embodied in the video clip of Bobby McFerrin doing his magic - see the video bar! In addition to the four quadrants of self psychology, social psychology, cultural psychology and transpersonal psychology, my model of integral psychology adds the central fountain of Salsabil (from the Gardens of Paradise), otherwise known in diverse traditions as Sophia, the Immaculate Mary, Quan Yin, the White Tara or what I call the Imaginal Eve. It is the embodied feminine principle that connects and flows through all the four quadrants with Wisdom, Grace and Compassion. Love, light and shadow, Jalaledin

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